Cherry Bowls July 2013

In preparation for the afternoon I’ll be set up at the Peterborough Folk Festival, I’ve started work on a new set of bowls. From the wood that I picked up at Century Mill last month, I’ve finally started cutting and working them. These will be for sale at the Festival. I’m not sure yet how I’ll be finishing them – possibly just hemp seed oil and wax, or I may use some paint. We’ll see what the bowls look like when I get that far along. If you do like what you see here, leave a comment or come out to the Folk Festival.

The first thing I needed to do was to cut down the boards into bowl blanks. Using my poor over-worked jigsaw, I set to work on getting as many good pieces out of the board as possible. The last run of bowls I had made, out of red alder (and entirely neglected to document on here), I made a set of 6-inch, 8-inch and 10-inch wide bowls. 20130719_100011For these bowls, the board was just a hair under 8-inches wide so that limited the choices of width that I had to work with. In the end, I decided to go with just the 8-inch bowls as this is a popular size for the medieval events that I attend with my local re-enactment group. It’s also a very nice size for everyday use which is really what I hope these bowls will end up doing in someone’s home eventually.

20130719_113246After a bit of cutting, I ended up with ten blanks and very little scrap. I had toyed with getting some 4-inch bowls out of it but it was just too much waste for the lovely cherry wood. The next step for these blanks will be to drill out a small hole on one side so that I can fit them to the lathe and start shaping. But we’ll save that for tomorrow!

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