Cherry Bowls Part 2

I neglected to post these a few days ago like I said I would. But here they are… The cherry bowls before they’re going to have their hemp seed oil finish applied. After this photo was taken, but before the oil was applied, I noticed that two of the bowls actually did have a rather serious hairline crack running through them, pretty much straight through the centre.

Needless to say, this rendered the bowls barely one step above firewood and they’ve been removed from the sellable stock. Such is the nature of wood working; you think there’s an excellent number of finished pieces and something creeps in right at the end. 20130804_110442

The maple bowls turned out quite well overall. There’s not much in the way of progress pics for them, but I did get one photo of all the cherry and maple bowls together, along with a bowl made of a thick piece of plywood and two sets of alder salt & pepper shakers. 20130808_162110 The cherry is on the left, with the plywood on the bottom left, the maple is on the right and that leaves the alder shakers right in the middle. They’ll all be available for sale (other than the two broken cherry bowls) at the Peterborough Folk Festival on August 24, 2013.

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