Cherry Wood Update

I finally managed to get the time to finish turning the cherry wood blanks that have been my current focus. Out of the original board, I ended up with 8 bowls out of the original 10 blanks that were cut. One had a crack in the wood that was hidden until I was turning it. It exploded quite spectacularly and I was safely out of the way when it shot across the shop. I thank my mentors at the Kawartha Wood Turners Guild for teaching, and continually reinforcing, to stay out of the “line of fire” from the lathe. If something is going to come exploding off the lathe at very high speed, it’s usually along a very predictable flight path. This one flew perfectly along that path and landed safely on the floor. The other bowl that was lost was simply from my own error – I turned it too deep inside and when I went to cut it off the lathe, I ended up cutting right through the bottom of the bowl. Very much a newbie mistake, but the bowl isn’t entirely lost. I can probably save it by building a plug for the bottom of it so I shouldn’t call it lost yet. Fixing it will just take some time and a bit of creativity. I’ve done it before with another bowl I did, oddly back when I was a new turner, and it worked out well (and sold too!).

Tonight I also turned my first ever plywood bowl. I had been given a 2″ thick bowl blank made of plywood almost two years ago by another turner in the Guild. I wanted to turn one more piece tonight and it was the only blank that was ready to turn so I gave it a shot. I’m pretty happy with the result overall. The tools needed to be kept very sharp otherwise the layers of ply just tear out rather than cut cleanly. It’s a simple design that I used for it, but one that I think shows the layers of wood nicely and to good effect.

I’ll post some photos of the pieces tomorrow. Right now, the shop is dusty and a bit of a mess. I’ll clean up tomorrow and then take some shots.

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