My merchant booth and my dog.

Medieval Merchant Booth

This past weekend, over the Canada Day weekend, I was fortunate to be able to set up my medieval merchant booth at the local Society for Creative Anachronism event The War of the Trillium as put on by the local Kingdom of Ealdormere. For those not familiar, the SCA is one of the biggest medieval research and re-enactment organizations in the world. I was quite happy that I was able to offer my bowls and other creations for sale there as this is one of the biggest, and best attended, events on the calendar for all the SCA groups in Ontario.

My merchant booth and my dog.
The setup for my medieval merchant booth at the SCA event “The War of the Trillium” over the Canada Day weekend. Ripley, my faithful dog, kept me company for the weekend.

My faithful hound, Ripley, and I had a fantastic time through the weekend. It was hot and quite humid, but there was lots of shade and cool drinks for both of us.

The highlight of the weekend for me is always the chance to talk to everyone about my bowls and other creations. I quite enjoy finding out what medieval re-enactors are interested in, and if I can make something to help enhance their experience.  One big change I made this weekend was the decision to try to encourage some of my older and slower moving pieces to sell by having an impromptu “clearance sale”. This also helped as I found a very definite market for a lower-priced and simple wooden bowl–something I’ll be working on in the future.

Overall, Ripley and I had a great time in our medieval merchant booth. I already have plans for what to work on next, and have my trip to the saw mill for supplies planned for this weekend.

Thanks to everyone who came out, talked, bought and made our experience at the War of the Trillium a very fun, and enjoyable weekend.

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